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Tenaxis Medical

Founded in 2004, Tenaxis Medical, Inc. develops and commercializes novel, high-performance sealants and anti-adhesion agents for use in vascular and general surgery. The company's primary focus is to create products that meet unfulfilled needs in these fields.

Its first product, ArterX™ Surgical Sealant, is based upon a powerful proprietary crosslinking agent that covalently binds to proteins in both the sealant and human tissue. In European clinical trials, ArterX™ sealant achieved immediate hemostasis in 100% of cases (53/53) and was easy to use and apply. 1

Future plans include developing other high-performance sealants and related products to promote surgical hemostasis and tissue sealing.

1. Stone WM, Fleming M, Fowl RJ, Florek HJ. Multicentral trial of a novel vascular sealant. Poster presented at the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, 36th Annual Symposium, March 5-8, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada.