Manti Resources


Manti is fully committed to a balanced strategy of growth achieved through the exploitation of acquired fields and new exploration discoveries. A critical success factor has been the application of the multifunctional team concept which integrates geoscience/geophysical analysis and advanced engineering techniques, combined with the industry's latest information technology applications, to better define potential and assess risk.

Exploration - A Winning Track Record

Manti's team of geoscientists represents over one hundred years of experience. Through the application of the multifunctional team concept, integrating geoscience, geophysical analysis, and advanced engineering techniques, Manti has better defined potential. However the key to consistent success in any true exploration program is managing risk. To do so, Manti's strategy is centered on the following principles:

Engineering and Operations Excellence

Manti specializes in all engineering disciplines related to upstream oil and gas operations. Our engineers participate in multifunctional teams to move oil and gas reserves up the value added curve expeditiously and economically. Some examples of the engineering expertise available to our teams include: